Supply your team with the knowledge of digital
4-12 weeks of intensive mentoring where we lead and train your team to operates all of your digital assets. Each mentorship packaged is custom designed according to your needs, ensuring optimum results. Digital mentorship covers various spectrums of digital business such as digital presence management, SaaS business development, or digital transformation series.
12 Weeks Mentorship
60+ Hours total over 12 weeks
Limited to 8 persons per batch
360° startup strategy included
All workflow templates provided
RPS 12 weeks mentorship is designed to help you understand and able to manage specific digital area. The proven RPS startup framework helps you understand 360° view of your startup and designed to help you prepare for any obstacles. The intensive training is delivered in smart-casual style, and is conducted either via online video conference or on premise.
Different from incubators, this is a pay-for-mentorship program. We do not take your company shares and organisations of all size and category is welcomed.