"The most important thing is curiosity. The second most important thing is attitude. The rest is a bonus."
The first idea of RPS was concocted in 2013 when we were doing an industrial catering digitization and optimization project for mining and airline industries in Indonesia. We see there are plenty of unoptimized processes, leading to huge overhead and waste. Resistance to change was the primary cause, but overall business culture also plays a big part. We learn one thing at this stage: It's not about technology or process workflow. It's about policy and culture.
In 2015, RPS Singapore was built under RPS Pte. Ltd. (201524100W). We expand our wings as a software development house & tech advisory, focusing on the finance sector and the SaaS market in Singapore. We collaborate with IDA Singapore and experiment with building a social impact startup under Unframed Singapore. In 2016, we opened RPS Indonesia under PT. Restu Padma Segara (RPS), strengthening our software development capabilities. We were flying high, building a SaaS aggregator for the gaming industry. We help build e-learning platforms and many exciting projects.
By 2018, we want to try to explore the SaaS market in Indonesia. We stumbled upon some friends who had the same idea and we co-founded Finata.id, a SaaS company focusing on the financial diagnosis, serving SMEs all over Indonesia. We got traction, with all the bells and whistles. Until covid-19 happens. It forces us 
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